Saturday, November 27, 2010

I hate POEA!!!!

I am working my papers again in POEA. This time i am bound to USA to work in New Jersey as a Tissue Typing technologist. Dealing with people in POEA will test your patience and temper. I was asked to write a letter explaining that my salary is good enough to pay for the repatriation of my belongings if something happen to me in USA.  This is what OIC LIWANAG SIOMENA told me. I did what they asked me to do. Unfortunately, she is the same woman who will approve my letter of petition. Bitch!!!!!She was reviewing the letter and she told me then that she will not approve it since by law i need to have an insurance. I explained to her that i don't need an insurance since my employer told me that i will be receiving full benefits and i am qualified to whatever other benefits as an employee of the company meaning accidents and death insurances, partial disability, and full disability insurance. Then she called Aleli to look for the folder with the same case as mine. As she showing me the folder, she immediately cover the  part with the paper for me not to see the salary which is $7.00 per hour.  Making a conclusion and if she is really wise, how can she think to compare my case with that case. I am miles away from that person. She immediately refer me to Aleli and showed another case. I am dead serious to fight for my rights and i know it was a clear case of extortion from the POEA.

If ever you came across with that woman in POEA with the name LIWANAD SIMEONA i would tell you that she is an old fucking moron bitch!!!!